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Danmark The Bridge To Northern Scandinavia
Danmark can be seen as the bridge to Scandinavia. It offers the most important transport connection between Middel and Northern Europe.

Copenhagen Danmarks capital is a clean and friendly city. It is the worlds oldest kingdom and it bursts with life and culture. Copenhagen is also known for its funfair, lovely  Tivoli Gardens and incredible firework displays. A stylish city offering a wealth to see and do, and protected by the little Mermaid gazing out to sea.. you will need to come yourself to find out why..
The capital is located on Danmark's largest island Sjaelland and the ferries to Malmo, Sweden are passing the northern parts of the little island of Saltholm. The connection to the westerly island of Fyn is from Korso to Knudshoved and to the mainland of Danmark the ferries travel between Kalundborg and Arhus. The Danish mainland is called Jylland or Jutland.

When looking at the map one get's a clue of Danmark's geological history. The mainland Jutland, Danmark's islands in the Kattegat and Sweden were once joined with the Baltic then being a lake. With the ending of the Ice Age the sea levels rose, only leaving the hill tops and the newly formed channels deviding the land into three parts. With their fragmented country the Danish would have a communications problem, but on the contrary difficulties have been efficiently overcome with modern roads and bridges and inter-island rail ferries.

Danmark has more agricultural farming land than most middel european countries and also is a highly developed industrial country. This is also due to the fact that the country has only small amouts of mineral deposits available being coal and limited amounts of iron and steel. The fisheries industry however is highly developed. The country has a total coastline of 7438 km.

When travelling through Danmark the traveller will find a very clean and friendly environment and that country tranquility is ever present. For sea lovers there are many inexpensive opportunities to hire a sailing trip to the nearby islands and the lowcost ferries operate to most island destinations and offer evening musical venue trips to enjoy. Not much a chance to get bored here..

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Danmarks Capital Copenhagen